Iron ore is the principal raw material for steel industry. India is the fourth largest producer of iron ore with a huge reserve of iron ore exceeding in 20 bllion tons. India is the third largest iron ore supplier to China.Export of iron ore from India constitutes one of the top 10 items of export.

Ibrahim Groups is presently operating in this field at India’s province such as Andhra, Orissa, Karnataka & Goa, Company has established good contactswith local Mine Owners, who are strong and bulk procurement sources. Ibrahim Groups professional approach, guided by a dynamic management, its attention to quality and detail has helped the company and the division to gain a set of reliable customers.

Our main motto is to serve customer with better quality and competitive prices. Iron Ore Division is having its own laboratory for keeping a keen track on the quality of the cargo with well trained QC staff. From procurement point till discharge port, at every level cargo will pass through quality checks, this is one of the reason for the success of the Division.

We process the following parameters of Iron Ore Fines in our laboratory:

Parameters Specifications
Fe 55 % to 63.5 %
Al2O3 2 to 4 %
SiO2 2.5 % to 6 %
S 0.04 % max
P 0.08 % max
Moisture 3 to 4 % (Non-Monsoon period)
Size 0 to 10 mm

We are among the prime manufacturers and suppliers of Rock Phosphate. Rock Phosphate is formed in oceans in the form of calcium phosphate, called phosphorite. Phosphorus is a very important piece of the DNA and RNA molecules of which all life is formed. It is also important for the development of teeth and bones. The name phosphorus comes from the Greek word phosphorous, which means bringer of light.

Chemical Name Calcium (Fluoro, Chloro, Hydroxyl) Phosphate
Chemical Formula Ca5(PO4)3(OH,F,Cl)
Specifications SiO2 8.85%
P2O5 31.30%
CaO 46.80%
MgO 0.80%
Fe2O3 0.47%
Al2O3 0.32%
LOI 6.53%
Sulphate as SO4 1.58%
Fluorine as F 2.28%
Properties Color : Off- White, brown Crystal System : Hexagonal Hardness : 5 Specific Gravity : 3.1 - 3.2
We can supply following grades of Rock Phosphate 18-20% 22-24% 25-27% 30-31.5%
  • Agriculture
  • Phosphate rocks as raw materials for P-fertilizer manufacturing
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Production of animal Feed supplements and Food
  • Detergents
  • Chemicals to 4 % (Non-Monsoon period)

Our client factory was established in 1986. Over the period of 22 years, we have manufactured Shoes as per CUSTOMER SPECIFICATIONS.A dynamic factory with complete production facility on DIP (Direct Injection Process).

Our Safety Shoes are used in many industries like Automobile, Construction, Pharma, Steel Plants etc. We also supply shoes for Star Hotels, Administrative offices, Security and Housekeeping concerns.

500 Pairs PerDay is Our Production Capacity. Size Range : 39-45 (French Size) ; 5-11 ( English Size) • 5% Chrome Leather as per ISI Standard.We use “Wide Steel Toe Cap” for all kind of Safety Shoes which varies in thickness as per customer specifications. We make Shoes with specific soles according to different choices of Industries like Heat and Chemical resistant, Acid Proof, Shock Proof, Acid static and Skid.

We do trading of Green Peas ranging from Grade 1 – Grade 6 as per the client requirement. We are engaged in offering Green Peas, which possesses vibrantly delicious flavor, wonderful texture and health-promoting nutrients. It is cultivated under hygienic conditions in such a manner, so that its nutritional value and freshness remains intact. Green Peas offered by us has no artificial colors and added preservatives.

Keeping in mind the diverse requirements of the clients, we offer an extensive range of Frozen Peas that are quality assured in nature and are rich in taste. We offer them in air-tight packaging thereby delivering an exceptional product range. They have high nutritional benefit and are delivered in well-defined time frame.

We have factory tie-upin Assam with hands on professionals passionately committed to Tea , a beverage with a fascinating heritage , culture bringing people & nations together and with insights in procurement & blending for more than three decades. Sourcing of Tea directly from Gardens / Factories in Assam and Jaipuron Commission basis. We can provide you right mix of tea to suit to your Packets / Brands. We may even supply you the Tea packed as per your requirements /specifications in a variety & range of Packaging Options tailor made to your preferences.

Our Factory Owners are a Trustworthy source of Pure, Garden fresh teas for our clients who are Packeeters, Wholesalers & Retailers spread across the vast country virtually in most of the major 28 Indian states and 6 Union territories. Our proximity to the tea estates and factories processing the teas help us in developing & nurturing cordial relations & friendships ensuring a continuous stream & regular supply of fresh & fine teas for our customers who are also geared to undertake orders to pack tea under your own label or in bulk according to your requirements.